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Farming Simulator 2013 - Maps On 27 Sep 2013 08:02:00
Andres Big Map Multifrucht v 1.2
Andres Big Map Multifrucht v 1.2 image

Andre's bigmap V1.2
Erselt with the patch 2.0 and the GIANTS Editor 5.0.3
Images are hir to see
Hello and Moin , here's a little update of my map.
Since I've gotten a few Hinweie that there were a few small errors on the map, I have again taken to it and removed it .
Changes the map :
At the shop repaired the roads and gates installed .
On some roads the grass away.
A pig deleted and rebuilt something the other two , now you can also load the pigs better .
Hinweischilder for compound feed plant.
The yard I ausgesttatet with walls and gates .
Drawbridge built ( goes on when ships come over) .
Fruit writing in German on the PDA
Thus, the drawbridge makes no errors you need the file windmill.wav
which comes in the main folder of LS13
C: \ Program Files \ Farming Simulator 2013 \ data \ maps \ sounds
Otherwise everything has remained as on the V1.0 .
I want to thank all the mod 's I have installed
So and now for the whiners and alls of you . If you think you know everything and close modders and mappers in the comments down, but did not itself off the ground , then let your stupid sayings. It forces you no one 's Mod Maps or down load . Be glad that there are modders and mappers !
Who can predict what but please make it only as long as it helps and makes no down .
And so much fun now .
What do you no longer need is : PDA Fix 2.1, MilkTruckTriggerPlaceable and Real Night mod
Required mods :
PS The vehicles on the images are for the private use allso please do not ask .
Who can ask bask still send me a PM or on

Credits: Bigblue

This is a Farming Simulator 2013 ( ls 13 ) Mod, in category Maps & Buildings

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